Our team will have four core members, who will be joined by various others for sections along the way. All members have considerable experience in New Zealand’s backcountry, and each will bring particular qualities and strengths to the team. All have been trampers since childhood. Alexis, Allan and Lydia grew up in Dunedin and have an intimate knowledge of the southern South Island.

Alexis Belton

Alexis (27) is a stalwart of the infamous OUTC (Otago University Tramping Club). A lover of remote and inaccessible places, Alexis has been on numerous long transalpine trips into such places as the Olivines and remote Fiordland.


Allan Brent


Allan (28) has climbed extensively in both the Aspiring and Cook districts, and has instructed on NZAC snowcraft trips. A background in marathon running and trad-climb, he brings discipline and sheer bloody-mindedness to the team.


Lydia McLean

Lydia (25) is a hardened tramper and mountain-runner. Earlier this year, she experienced the worst of the mountains on an FMC Expedition to the Olivine Ice Plateau when ceaseless rain forced her party to spend a week under a remote rock bivvy. That her enthusiasm emerged unscathed from the experience speaks to her grit and adventurousness. With her background in science communication, Lydia will be our resident ‘outreach/coms’ person.


Mark Leslie

Mark (28) is a Wellingtonian who discovered a passion for mountaineering while studying at Otago. Now back in Wellington, he is a member of the executive of the Wellington branch of NZAC and has instructed snowcraft courses on Mt Ruapehu. Mark is a meticulous organizer, who has taken a leading role in the preparations for our expedition.